Friday, 12 October 2007

Anti-Candida Diet

(with my own additions)

For the sake of brevity, please forgive further lists: this time of foods, etc. we musn’t have – ‘NO’ – and those we can – ‘YES’. I refer you again to Leon Chaitow’s book*.

- yeast;
- sugar;
- dairy (except live yoghurt and cottage cheese if not allergic to milk*);
- alcohol;
- smoked foods;
- pickles (inc. vinegars and sauces);
- tomatoes;
- refined grains (i.e. white flour);
- meats which contain anti-biotics (i.e. beef, pork, battery chickens);
- fruit (due to sugar content though some can tolerate some*).

N.B. Don’t forget mushrooms are fungus and no anti-biotics (unless essential) or steroids.

- all vegetables and salad ingredients (except tomatoes/mushrooms);
- garlic, chillies (see ‘Herbs list) and all spices;
- extra-virgin olive oil;
- live yoghurt and cottage cheese (see above);
- wholegrain cereals (i.e. rice, pasta (gluten-free if coeliac));
- organic meats, game and poultry (i.e. free-range chickens);
- lamb;
- fish;
- yeast-free bread;
- (and me) pizza (with lots of garlic, olives and chillies to counter the things I shouldn’t have) - just because it cheers me up!

* CANDIDA ALBICANS Could yeast be your problem? by Leon Chaitow N.D. D.O.. Published by Healing Arts Press, USA (1998). ISBN: 0-89281-795-X

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