Friday, 12 October 2007

Supplements, Herbs & Essential Oils

(which I use in my anti-Candida/MS "regime")

(available from all good Health Food Stores)

- pro-biotic - dairy-free if allergic to milk - beware of FOS (fructooligosaccharides) if fructose intolerant, I am;
- extra-virgin olive oil - lots of it;
- garlic - fresh if possible or else odour-free capsules/tablets - lots of it;
(N.B. All the above help to kill Candida.)
- evening primrose oil (I use Quest capsules);
- multi-vitamins – I use Nature’s Own “Food State”;
- biotin – extra to multi-vits;
- B-complex – extra as above;
- B12 – extra as above;
- zinc – extra as above;
- lysine - if prone to herpes, I am.

(I do not recommend that you use these herbs or in these quantities. I ony relay to you what I have used, successfully, for years (17 as I write!). I do recommend, however, the herbal book by David Hoffman** as well as, again, the book on Candida by Leon Chaitow*. Any good herbalist will stock all herbs mentioned and supply by mail-order. I give you details of Baldwins*** below.)

‘p’ = ‘powder’, ‘h’ = ‘natural herb’, ‘t.s.’ = ‘teaspoons’; all “dosages” given are per day;

- echinacea (p) - alterative (“blood-cleanser”) good for whole being)/antiseptic/decongestant/great against coughs and colds/good for skin - 3 one-third t.s.;
- sage (p) – antiseptic/anti-fever (sweating)/emmenagogue (balances female hormones (sage replaces oestrogen))/anti-depressant/clears headaches/heals sore throats – 3 one-third t.s.; gargle for throats;
- damiana (p) – nervine (nerve tonic)/anti-depressant/emmenagogue/aphrodisiac (esp. for men) – 2 one quarter t.s.;
- kola (p) – nerve stimulant/anti-depressant– 3 large pinches
- cayenne pepper (p) – the best natural stimulant for the whole body/antiseptic/frees MS urine – one third t.s.;
- willow bark (p) – anti-inflammatory/anti-spasmodic/ anodyne (pain-killer) – 3 capsules (NB all the above can go in 3 different powder mixes a day);
- eyebright (h) – eye tonic/can be used as eye-wash in conjunctivitis/blepharitis – 2 t.s.;
- golden rod (h) – strengthens respiratory system– one and half t.s.;
- lavender flowers (h) - nervine (nerve relaxant)/anti-depressant/clears headaches/aids sleep – a dozen in tissane (small tea) or mixed in tea with other herbs;
- chickweed (h) – anti-itching/cooling/diuretic/laxative - 4 t.s. made into tea and used – when cool! – as lotion for healing/controlling eczema/psoriasis; one t.s. in tea for drinking;
- nettles (h) – vit. C/multi-mineral/cooling/anti-hisytamine – 2 t.s. in tea;
- parsley (h) – vit. C/multi-mineral/anti-depressant/emmenagogue – 2 t.s. in tea and on food;
- burdock (h) – alterative/diuretic – one t.s. in tea;
- red-clover (h) – anti-cough and asthma/emmenagogue/mild sedative/strengthens nerves – one-quarter t.s.;
- skull-cap (p) – sedative/strong nerve tonic/anodyne (esp. spasmodic legs) – one quarter t.s. when needed;
- myrrh (p) - anti-fungal/antiseptic– tip of t.s. (see next);
- golden seal (p) – anti-biotic (broad-spectrum)/good mixed with eyebright for eye-wash or drops/good with myrrh for brushing teeth – small pinch as anti-biotic (when necessary); tip of t.s. for teeth.

Essential Oils (aromatherapy):
- lavender – anti-depressant/clears headache/nervine;
- geranium – anti-depressant;
- rose – /anti-depressant/emmenagogue/aphrodisiac;
- tea-tree – antiseptic (very strong) – used as gargle and room freshener.

* CANDIDA ALBICANS Could yeast be your problem? by Leon Chaitow N.D. D.O.. Published by Healing Arts Press, USA (1998). ISBN: 0-89281-795-X

** HOLISTIC HERBAL A Safe and Practical Guide to Making and Using Herbal Remedies by David Hoffman. Published by Harper Collins. ISBN: 0007 14 5411

*** G.Baldwin & Co. Medical Herbalist. Tel: 0207 703 5550. email:


Miss Chris said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog! I am also glad to see you are open to alternative therapies like supplements. I don't think doctors know a whole lot about M.S. and it's up to us to look out for our own health.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

I'm with Ms. Chris on this.

The level of ignorance in the medical profession about anything is appalling.

Let us know what you've found to be working for you.

Virginia Phillips said...

Chris and Charles,

I am very pleased you have come to this blog and been interested in what is here.

The trouble is,you might have only seen this one post and it is actually the fourth of a group that tells what I have learned, how, and what works for me. They take up October's archives and the first now seems to be last (sorry, new to blogging!).

Also, you may prefer my main blog, 'Travels with Lucy' (link on Profile - click pic. above)about my every-day living with MS (and a toy poodle!) which is definitely more chatty and - I hope - more entertaining.

Thank you for your comments - now I just hope you come back to read this reply!


Anonymous said...

Thanks and blessings from Arizona!